12 Days of Cookies: Sugar Cookies

As I mentioned in a previous "12 Days of Cookies" post, it has been my tradition for many years to make loads of cookies and candy this time of year to have around the house for visitors and to give away to friends. But I recently saw some photographs depicting a not-so-skinny-anymore person who looked alot like me and who was trying to squeeze into wearing my clothes. It was obvious from the photographs that this person has added some poundage lately and should not be tempted by cookies lying around her house, so the decision was made to not participate in the marathon cookie baking tradition this year. I didn't think it was fair, though, to leave you high and dry for cookie recipes this holiday season so I thought I'd resurrect some oldies but goodies from Wish Upon A Chef's kitchen.

This sugar cookie recipe is a snap to mix up, easy to work with and the cookies hold their shape really well during baking. I love to make different traditional holiday shapes but I always crack myself up making these ABC (Already Been Chewed) sugar cookie guys.  I strategically hide them on the cookie platters that I give to my friends and how I wish I could see their faces when they find these lurking in with the rest of the beautiful cookies. Only those who know my warped sense of food humor understand...

Click on over to the original post for the recipe and the link for buying these kooky cookie cutters. Have a Macabre Christmas!

ABC sugar cookies



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