12 Days of Christmas: Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies

Chocolate Chip Espresso cookies

Holiday cookie platters are usually all about having pretty decorated cookies and "fancy" cookies, but I think you should include some all-time favorites that people enjoy as well.  Today I'm resurrecting yet another one of my most favorite cookies recipes:  Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies.  No other chocolate chip cookie compares to this one, in my opinion, as the marriage of espresso and chocolate is divine.  No worries if you can't find espresso powder - you can substitute 4 teaspoons of instant coffee granules and get the same result.

The trick to getting these cookies to turn out perfectly is refrigerating them for at least an hour.  I usually scoop them onto parchment paper and then pop them right into the oven to bake.  You can also roll them into a log, refrigerate, and then slice into rounds for baking.  Bake them with or without nuts - it's your choice.

I hope Santa brings a whole platter of these just for me! 



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