I currently live in Charlotte, NC and after spending 7 years as a personal chef and caterer, I am now happy to share my love of cooking with friends and family. My heart is in the kitchen, but my soul is in the stars!


What started as a dream in the year 2000 soon became a small personal chef service that eventually evolved into a brick and mortar catering kitchen and gourmet market that operated 8 days a week, had there been such a thing. It was a way of life.  It was a job.

Things changed, as they are apt to do.  But I couldn't forget the initial dream of taking my enjoyment of food and turning it into something, so I kept the name and rebranded into a personal blog.  Wish Upon A Chef is no longer my job - it's my hobby and is continuously evolving.  As of 2015, Wish Upon A Chef will begin to include more real, whole food recipes as I begin to steer clear of processed manufactured foods and incorporate more real food.

This little corner of the internet is about nothing more than having a little fun in the kitchen and documenting the journey along the way. You’ll find no fancy photography, no affiliate links, and no worldly revelations of new cooking techniques here. There are multitudes of blogs out there that contain beautifully styled photos, well-written dialogue, and enough affiliate links and advertising to single-handedly support a family with a six figure income.  

I know this because I used to be intimidated by all that I saw come across my RSS feeds, Facebook page and Pinterest boards. I wanted to be like them - to have their reach, their potential, their income - but I knew better.  I compared my little Wish Upon A Chef world to what I saw and nearly gave up - I lost my voice, my motivation, my direction for quite some time. My writing style may not be conducive to attracting a large fan following and my photographs may be last minute shots just before the food gets shoveled in, but that’s okay. I’m here, I’m learning, I'm having fun, I'm evolving and I’m willing to share what I know and what I find about things like:

  • Grocery shopping on a tight budget
  • Re-purposing leftovers
  • Trying to improve eating habits by cutting out processed foods and sugar
  • Recipes containing real and whole food ingredients

I hope you'll visit often. Maybe you'll only visit occasionally. Comment and let me know you're out there.  Either way, hopefully you’ll find something to like and try for yourself.

My heart is in the kitchen but my soul is in the stars!

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