270 Seconds Can Change Your Life

Am I the only girl in the world who thinks Valentine's Day is a total rip-off for guys?  I think it's atrocious that men have to purchase an expensive gift just to prove their love, and at the risk of speaking against my own gender, I think it's even more sad that women EXPECT that a man should do this.  (Okay, ladies...let the bashing begin.)

What happened to showing our love, adoration, respect and concern for each other EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?  Is that not enough?  Or could it be that the expensive gift given one day a year is intended to make up for the fact that maybe our men don't appreciate us on a daily basis? (It's equal opportunity bashing day, so you men can just start your line right here <----)

For me, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the idea of love but every day should be a day of showing love, respect and adoration.  Valentine's Day is the day you give a silly, maybe semi-naughty token of your love and adoration.  Something simple but thoughtful.  Something that made you think of your loved one and made you giggle at the thought of giving it to them.  Something from the heart.

I read an online article not long ago from Esquire Magazine about better marriage tips (maybe I should have read that article two marriages ago, but whatever) and it really stuck with me.  The premise of the article was how to have a better marriage by dedicating 270 seconds to your loved one every day. 

270 seconds. 

That's less than 5 minutes, folks, and surely you can find that small amount of time in your schedule.   I think these same tips hold true if you're in a relationship and not married and it is also a good theory for both guys and gals to practice.  See what you think...


First thing, take ninety seconds to give her the greatest good morning possible: "Good morning. I love you." And if she's asleep, you can lower your voice and whisper, "I love you. Have an awesome day." She'll hear you anyway.

After Work

Right when you get home, focus on her for a full ninety seconds. If she's happy, you go happy; if she's low, you go low, and make sure you look her in the eyes long enough to discern her eye color. This says, I value you, I need you.


Sometime during the last thirty minutes before bed, take ninety seconds to engage fully with her. Do not talk about children, money, or work. Don't talk about the past at all. Look at her, stroke her hair, snuggle up to her, tell her you love her.

Ninety seconds in the morning, ninety seconds after work (or any time you've been away from her for at least two hours), and ninety seconds at night. That's how you bond. After seven to ten days, the marriage will change.

My Valentine does all of these above things and spends far more than 270 seconds doing them. I'm very conscious of the effort that my Valentine puts into making me feel special and I want to repay that favor with my own actions of adoration, kindness and respect.  My Valentine makes me a better person and that, my friends, is what it's all about.

These to-die-for rich chocolate brownies will be part of the gift to my Valentine and although they don't take much longer than 270 seconds to put together and get into the oven, the thought behind making and giving them is so much more.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

270 Seconds To Better Love Brownies

1 box Ghiradelli Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix
plus these ingredients that are called for on the box:
1/4 cup water
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 egg
plus these add ins:
1/2 cup dried cherries
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Mix and bake according to package directions.  Be sure to use the glaze packet included in the box to finish off these decadent bites of chocolate.

An easy peasy way to say to your Valentine "I love you" or "I adore you" or "hey baby, you're da bomb!"


Terri said...

I am with you on this. Men do get ripped off. We women need to reciprocate for the men we love and rely upon for love and moral support. They need love and tenderness as much as we do, even if they won't admit it. ☺


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