Just Baked Cupcakes

If you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out Just Baked Cupcakes located in Cornelius, NC. Located in the quaint Oak Street Mill, Just Baked was opened about a year ago by Chris and Missy Wallace and features an ever changing menu of gourmet freshly baked cupcakes.  Like their page on Facebook and you too will be tempted by their daily postings of flavors and scrumptious photos just like I am. 

Just look what they posted today:

Just Baked Cupcakes

Today's Flavors: Black Bottom Cheesecake, Pink Champagne, Red Velvet, Sugar Cookie, Signature Chocolate, Chocolate Maple Bacon and Brown Butter Pecan. We also have mint brownies, Mixed Berry Muffins and Chocolate Chip Scones :)

When you walk in to the spacious setting, you're greeted by paintings from local artists hanging on the walls, shabby chic decor throughout and the sweet aroma of the day's flavors. In addition to cupcakes, Just Baked usually has brownies, scones, or muffins to choose from too.  A selection of specialty drinks and coffees is also available to compliment your sweet treat.

Some friends and I visited Just Baked last week during their wine and cupcake pairing, which is held on the first Tuesday of each month.  For the bargain-basement price of $5, we sampled five different cupcakes and five different Moscato wines from Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe, NC.  The cupcake were bite-sized versions of their regular offerings but after five of them, you're guaranteed to be in a sugar coma.  They were over-the-top delicious and moist which, in my experience, is sometimes hard to pull off with a cupcake.  My favorite was the Key Lime and I'll admit to sneaking a second sample of that one (sorry guys!) because the candied slice of key lime garnish counter-balanced the sweetness.  I didn't sample all of the wines because after getting the first pour, we had to wait in a line of about 40 people to get the second one and I just wasn't up to doing that for the remaining four samples.  Hopefully next time they'll have the wine tastings pre-poured and sitting alongside the cupcakes for the taking. 

If you're craving a sweet treat, indulge with Just Baked Cupcakes in Cornelius and keep them in mind for parties, special occasions, or weddings too!



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