It's Official....I'M IN LOVE!

Alot of you faithful friends and readers already know that a few months ago I ended a nine year chapter of my life with Captain Sturm and have set about to start a new and exciting novel of my own. And as much as I'd like to think that I was irreplaceable in that life, the truth of the matter - as painful as it may be - is that it was only a matter of about 2 days before my replacement was brought into the limelight. I think it's great that Captain Sturm has the ability to put the past behind him and speed right along on the path of life, but it has taken a bit longer for me to want to dip my toe into the dating pool again.

But have no fear, dear readers! I am finally able to put my commitment phobias behind me and make the profound announcement.....I AM IN LOVE!!

After careful consideration of how to approach my new single life, I decided it might be best to "shop around" a know, explore a variety of new people and things before making a final, permanent selection. Alot of things have changed since I was last in the dating world, so I want to be sure I learn the rules of the game and possibly bend them just a bit :) and get the broad picture of what's going on these days. At the ripe old age of 37, I'm not getting any younger, so this next round of decisions I make in life will most likely be very important ones and will need to be carefully thought out.

So, without further a dieu, I'd like to introduce the love(s) of my life at the moment.......

This is my friend Blood Orange Mimosa. I met him at one of my favorite hangouts, Harris Teeter. I was perusing the wine section when I laid eyes on this handsome specimen at a sampling table set up by a wine vendor. I was awe struck by his flashy color, his cool exterior, and with one taste I was hooked. Mr. Blood Orange Mimosa was going home with me that night! Seriously, folks. This was some good stuff. I bought 2 bottles - one for my own personal enjoyment and one for a gift. If you plan on attending or hosting any brunches this holiday season, this is a definite must for the menu or as a hostess gift.

And just when I had decided Blood Orange Mimosa was "Mr. Right", along comes someone new into the picture.

I was first introduced to Trader Joe's Cranberry Walnut Tart while visiting family in San Francisco last month. He was nice enough, for sure, but you know how those vacation romances can be - fun while they last but soon become just a fleeting thought. But not in this case...I couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Cranberry Tart's delicate, flaky, buttery crust. How he had just the right amount of sweet and tart. He just seemed to be the perfect pre-made dessert delight. So when I ran into him again at my Trader Joe's here in Charlotte, I knew it was destiny! I hope we will never be apart again but, alas, I have come to realize that he will soon have to leave because he's a seasonal item. So hurry up folks and pick up your own "Mr.-Right-While-He-Lasts" Cranberry Tart!

After Mr. Trader Joe's Cranberry Tart leaves town, I'm sure I'll be heart broken but not for long. Everyone knows that right after a break up, the next "Mr. Right" is always a rebound. We try to find someone similar to fit the bill and ease the pain of being alone again.

And while I'd never admit it to my friend Cranberry Walnut Bread's face, a rebound is exactly what he is. I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. He's similar in alot of ways, what with the cranberries and walnuts and all, but just not as sweet. I think of him as my "Bad Boy" of dating. Good in his own right for the makings of a turkey sandwich or as an accompaniment to a cheese platter, but oh, so bad for me with all his carbs and calories. I picked him up at Harris Teeter as well. He normally hangs out in the La Brea bread bakery if your store is lucky enough to have one.

Even with the love I feel for these "Mr. Right Now" friends, I'm still not ready to crown one of them as THE "Mr. Right" just yet so I suppose I'll continue to fish around in the dating pool and see what other great catches I can come up with!


gina said...

Glad to see you're back out there:) Have fun while the romance lasts!

Terri said...

Well, well, well... playing the field I see ;) Knock 'em off their feet in Charlotte and leave them wanting more!


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