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Someone to blame

Growing up as an only child, there was never anyone else to blame when something went wrong or got broken. I always thought it would be neat to have siblings just for the very purpose of being able to say, "it wasn't me!" and actually get by with it. Being an only child or not, I am not to blame today.

I stopped by to visit Kristen over at Dine and Dish today. It was my first time to her blog and I only read a few posts before I headed out for errands and a massage. I ran into the grocery store before I headed home and as I was wheeling down the aisles, this post popped into my mind. Kristen gave a review of Reese's Premier Baking Pieces - miniature Reese cups that are just perfect for baking.

When I was a kid, my grandfather drove a school bus and I would ride his bus home in the afternoons and stay until Mom came to pick me up. There was a little convenience store that we passed just before we crossed the railroad tracks to go into his neighborhood. He would always park the bus in the church parking lot across the street and we would go inside the store where I was allowed to purchase a treat. Sometimes it would be a Creamsicle bar, other times I would pick out a package of trading cards that featured not any sport like baseball or football, but Elvis Presley. Yep, that's right and the pack also contained a stick of gum to boot. Most times, though, my treat was a package of Reese Cups. I wouldn't eat those right away like the Creamsicle or the gum, but instead I would take the package to my grandparents' house and put it in the refrigerator and let it get nice and cold and then eat it. I haven't had an ice cold Reese Cup in a long, long time.

I honestly didn't figure that I'd find these little morsels in my baking aisle, being a new product and all. Usually we don't see anything close to a new product in these parts until it has become nearly extinct. But surprise! surprise! there they were. So, Kristen, I blame YOU for the fact that these found their way into my shopping cart. And I blame YOU for the fact that I came home and baked them. And who is to blame except YOU that I have eaten entirely too many of them tonight. But I do thank you for helping me to remember those old school bus/grandpa days!

Like Kristen, I followed the baking directions on the back of the package but instead of dropping by teaspoons per the directions, I used a scoop and my cookies were a bit bigger and took more like 19 minutes to bake and I only got 2 dozen instead of the 3-1/2 dozen that it says you'll get. But click here and look at the difference between my cookies and Kristen's. While her mini Reese's are standing out of the cookie dough all proud like, mine are smothered in cookie dough. What's up with that? Hop on over to
Dine and Dish and check out the recipe.

Now, here's a funny story to end my post.....the weather was really nice today so I thought I'd practice my (lack of)photography skills by snapping a few pics of my freshly baked treats in natural light. I was munching on a cookie when I went outside to clean some fallen leaves and afternoon mail off the picnic table. I had just been outside a little earlier eating lunch and visiting with my fur kids Jesse James and Savory. Brown Dog was also visiting. Although Brown Dog belongs to someone else in the neighborhood, he spends alot of time at our house. I don't think anybody loves B.D. at his own house. I'm quite sure that Brown Dog isn't his real name, but since he wears no collar or ID tags, he is stuck with the name. I think it's fitting, don't you? Anyway, I laid my cookie on the table while I was cleaning up and here's what I came back to....

Brown Dog The Cookie Thief has snatched my cookie and wasn't givig it back! I thought better of taking the entire plate out for a photography lesson. He knows a good thing when he sees it!

Enjoy and thanks again, Kristen!

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Kristen said...

This is a great post and I love your blog.
I have no idea how they get 3 1/2 dozen cookies out of that you? I got barely over two, and my cookies were tiny!
Your cookies look great. Want to know the secret of having the little pieces protrude like that? Save a few back, and then after you scoop them and put them on the cookie sheet, add a few of the pieces to the tops of your scoops. I do that with chocolate chips sometimes if I want the cookies to be a bit more "impressive". Since I was taking them to a bake sale, I wanted to make sure that people could tell they were little reese's.
Glad you enjoyed the cookies and glad your dog enjoyed them too! Thanks for visiting!!