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Give Me Park Avenue......

There has been no one in the kitchen for a few days now, but again with good reason. Captain Sturm, Miss A, and myself hopped a plane early Friday morning to New York City. I am here to attend the Fancy Food Show and of course we had to add a few extra days for sightseeing. It is Miss A's first time to the Big Apple and I think she is thoroughly impressed.

I've lost count as to how many trips this makes to the city for me, but each time I come I always relive the feeling of being an excited, anxious kid on Christmas morning ready to rip open all the gifts that lay before me. This city holds so many gifts! For first timers (and maybe even second timers), the gifts are certainly the must-see things such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, shopping, a Broadway play, and a respectful visit to Ground Zero. For seasoned visitors like myself, the gifts have become more culinary related. I only had a few must-sees on my wish list this year. Maybe if I'd done a little more research on the too-numerous-to-count culinary treats that are available I would have had a list a mile long. Maybe if I'd been visiting alone, my list would have been two miles long, but do keep in mind that the rest of my traveling companions do not feel the same way that I do about walking many, many blocks only to round a corner and discover the perfect bistro for lunch. I have to pick my battles....

We arrived in the city early yesterday and since our hotel room wasn't ready just yet, we headed out in search of lunch. Now here again, I would have been happy to scour the streets for just the perfect place but the natives were getting restless and we settled on a little sidewalk cafe called AppleJack Diner.

The food was very good and the scenery was excellent because we scored a corner sidewalk table. Captain Sturm and I feasted on a wrap and a side salad and I was very pleased that Miss A bypassed the chicken finger platter on the menu. Fettuccine Alfredo was her choice. While our meal was simple and delicious, it was far from inexpensive. Captain Sturm soon learned that he was no longer in the land of free drink refills when the check arrived. $45 later, we walked away with full stomachs and a lighter back pocket.

No afternoon of trekking through the Big Apple would be complete without a snack. Even though the line at the Stone Cold Creamery was winding it's way through the small shop like the lines that you wait in at Disney World, we decided to hang tough. We were rewarded with heaping cups of cold, sweet cream with our choice of creative "mix ins."

Feeling the mood for Asian fusion coming on, I asked for a recommendation from the concierge for dinner. After many more miles of exploring and photo shooting, our tired dogs brought us to Ruby Foo's Dim Sum and Sushi Palace.
While looking over the menu posted outside, I was fearful that Miss A would go hungry until she matter-of-factly stated that she would order the crispy calamari. At the point, I start to wonder how, on one hand she can get excited over eating fried fish bait that, in my opinion, has the texture of a Goodyear retread tire and, on the other hand, be grossed out by anything that resembles a fruit or vegetable. I'll never claim to understand....

Captain Sturm ordered the lettuce wraps and I tackled a mound of pad Thai with chicken and shrimp. The ambiance was wonderful. I so much miss the dining experience that comes complete with ambiance. After a much needed night of rest, we will wake up wide-eyed and anxious once again for the gifts of tomorrow.

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Fabio Andres said...


I think you are Pretty

Au revoir cherie!!!

Alison said...

Thank you Fabio! blush :)

Cathy said...

Sounds like your trip is starting off great!! I can't wait for more details. Have fun in NYC